Invest In Your Financial Future With #FundHer

By participating in this initiative, women-led businesses and entrepreneurs will have access to capital that creates abundance and transforms their future, families, and communities. AFAWA, in partnership with PAWA Africa and Akiba Digital, are running a flagship initiative by the African Development Bank committed to investing women entrepreneurs in South Africa. As a champion for women, we provide financial tools, advisory, and collaborative support tailored for Women-Owned Small and Medium Enterprises (WSMEs). Our goal is to facilitate the financial inclusion of WSMEs into the mainstream economy and empower them economically.

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Let Us Help You Get Funded.

Taking part in the #FundHER initiative will enable financial accessibility and facilitate financial inclusion for women- owned and women-led businesses

Why Choose Us

Access to financial wellness tool called Insyts to better prepare and qualify for financing in South Africa

Access funding from “Insyts” lending partners such as Retail Capital, Retail Capital, Lulalend, Fundrr and many more.

WSMEs who request financing on Insyts are connected to lending partners free of charge

Use insights to see whether you qualify for financing and apply for various working capital, purchase order financing, asset financing for free.

Track and improve business credit health to achieve financial goals

Run your business using Xero Accounting software. We cover your subscription fee for 6 months and in addition provide you with toolkits and onboarding support.

Get access to a growing community of leaders and opportunities to connect and network with leading experts and funding partners.

Invest In Your Financial Future With #FundHer

Eligibility Criteria

Women Owned/Women-Led Firm


Business founded by woman OR ≥51% owned by women/woman


≥20% – 30% women in senior management


We would like to invite you to become a part of #FundHer. To get started, fill out our application form.


Get onboarded with Akiba’s “Insyts Platform” to receive credit scoring facilities and to track the financial goals you have set for yourself.


We provide financial advisory support & facilitated funding opportunities. “Insyts” lending partners include Retail Capital, Retail Capital, Lulalend, Fundrr and many more.